Exploring WordPress Managers: iThemes Sync & WP Remote
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Exploring WordPress Managers: iThemes Sync & WP Remote

In the previous parts, we’ve gone through five WordPress managers that allow you to manage multiple WordPress websites from one place. In this last part, we’re going to review two more, along with a word on the REST API and its potential effects on these managers.

I’m going to cut the intro short: Let’s get to it!

iThemes Sync: The Underdog of iThemes

iThemes has always struck me as a very successful company with WordPress-based products and services, yet this product, Sync, looks a bit meek in contrast to other iThemes products.

It’s probably the features: It does offer the basic features like updates or content/user/plugin/theme management, but it focuses on integrating other iThemes plugins, making it a less attractive option for people who don’t use iThemes products and services.

So, if you’re a user actively utilizing iThemes plugins and themes, it would be a good fit for you.