How To Enable GZIP Compression For WordPress
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How To Enable GZIP Compression For WordPress

If you’ve been around computers for a while, you may be familiar with compression. In short: compression is a super-useful tool for grouping a bunch of files into one, considerably smaller — and more easily transportable — file, which translates to significantly faster load times for your viewers. In this article we’ll take a look at how gzip compression works and, perhaps more importantly: how you can enable gzip compression on a WordPress-powered website.

Before moving on to how to implement it, let’s first take a brief look at what compression means and how it helps.

Nowadays, almost all modern websites use a mixture of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which is written by programmers in a logical, globally understood way. The result of this is almost always quite a bit of overhead that serves nothing more than human-readability. Furthermore, most programmers will also utilize various design patterns and common elements, thereby leading to a fair amount of repetition.