Divi Plugin Highlight: Code Snippet Module
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Divi Plugin Highlight: Code Snippet Module

Lots of websites display source code within their articles. Displaying source code isn’t always easy. Most sites use plugins that require tags, shortcodes, embedded links, or similar solutions. The solutions can sometimes feel clumsy and even cause formatting problems. Another option is a plugin for Divi called Code Snippet Module.

Code Snippet Module is a third-party plugin that adds a new module to the Divi Builder to display code. This is different from the Divi Builder Code module. The standard Code module runs the code that you place within it. The Code Snippet module displays the code with syntax highlighting. Code Snippet Module works with Divi, Extra, and the Divi Builder plugin.

In this article we’ll see how the module works, how it can be styled to fit with your website’s design. Code for this plugin highlight was taken from W3Schools.com and is only meant to demonstrate how code is displayed within the code snippet module. Images for example layouts were