A Deep Dive Into WordPress Automatic Updates
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A Deep Dive Into WordPress Automatic Updates

When it comes to security, we know how important is to regularly update WordPress installations (core, themes and plugins), and how long the upgrade process could take to us, especially when we have installed a good number of plugins. It’s commonly recommended to follow these steps:

  • Back-up files and database tables
  • Disable plugins
  • Update
  • Enable plugins one by one
  • Check the web site

It could be a tedious task for a single web site, and could be an annoying and complex job when we’ve to update five, ten or more websites.

With the specific purpose to improve the installation security and make the site administration easier, WordPress 3.7 introduced automatic updates. By default this cool feature is enabled for minor releases (i.e. maintenance and security releases) and translation files, but it’s possible to customize any kind of updates. So, in this post we’ll look at how to automate the upgrade process anytime a new version of WordPress core, theme or plugin is released.