Creating the Custom Template in the Genesis Framework
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Creating the Custom Template in the Genesis Framework

WordPress never ceases to toss at us some exceptionally useful features and capabilities that make our website development endeavor much more simpler and rewarding. Genesis happens to be another great addition to the ever growing list of WordPress goodies.

Genesis, in its truest form, is a WordPress framework that can give you the free rein to glide past the restrictions or the lack of room that you may be encountering with the standard WordPress features. And there is a whole new level of diversity to Genesis, since it can handle a whole lot of facets of a WordPress website, which include its SEO structure, its security, its speed and so on.

Apart from its amazing features, Genesis is also very flexible in nature that gives you the freedom to make a number of customizations, based on your very specific requirements. In the following section, I am going to throw light on how you can create a custom template in the Genesis framework. The ensuing steps are easy to comprehend and understand.