Create Your Own WordPress Theme With Themify Flow
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Create Your Own WordPress Theme With Themify Flow

Ever wanted to create your own WordPress theme but always found it too complicated? You may have PHP and CSS skills but don’t know much about the WordPress API, and theme system needed for you to create a feature-rich theme. Well Flow may just be what you’re looking for, plus it’s FREE!

Themify Flow is a drag & drop theme builder for WordPress. It’s built and designed to allow you to create a complete theme on both the frontend and the backend. Built with a simple drag & drop interface, Flow allows you to easily design your template parts (header, sidebar, footer) and templates for posts, pages, categories, and even custom post types. No PHP, CSS, or FTP needed to upload files. With all the technical stuff out of the way, Flow allows you to focus more on the look and feel of your WordPress theme.

You can easily style every element on your site using the Flow Styling panel. No CSS coding needed. When activated, this panel appears on the right side of your site allowing you to toggle various styling options while showing you a live preview of the design. The panel comes with styling options such as Google fonts, color picker, image upload, and much more.