Create a Menu for Active WooCommerce Subscribers
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Create a Menu for Active WooCommerce Subscribers

While many membership or subscription plugins give you the ability to protect entire pages or portions of your content so that inactive subscribers or guests can’t access them, they don’t always give you control over your menu display. If non-members can’t access a particular page, you may not want it displayed in your navigation to them since the page won’t be useful.

Likewise, some pages are not useful members (such as pages intended to sell subscriptions to guests), and these can be hidden from active subscribers. To respond to these situations, you can conditionally adjust your menu based on user role.

This tutorial comes from a great idea from Member Up on using the If Menu plugin to control menus for members. We’ll adapt this to be specific to WooCommerce today, as WooCommerce Subscriptions is commonly used for membership-type sites and automatically adjusts roles.