A Comprehensive Introduction to REST API
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A Comprehensive Introduction to REST API

All web based applications, whether a CMS or an online store, carry out three fundamental actions.

  • POST/GET (creates and/or updates information)
  • READ (query information)
  • DELETE (removes information)

Together, these three actions form the core of Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations. Whenever a user interacts with a web based application, the underlying mechanism utilizes a combination of CRUD to return the desired information and carry out the specified actions. In order to make sure that CRUD actions are facilitated at all times, Representational State Transfer (REST), a robust application architecture is highly recommended.

What is REST

REST is an application architecture model that is usually implemented in the form of functions that send requests and receive responses via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The best thing about REST is that it is not strictly implemented in any particular language or format. Rather, the protocol could be easily integrated into any web app using any language, as long as the core constraints of the REST are in place.