Cloudways WooCommerce Cloud Hosting
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Cloudways WooCommerce Cloud Hosting

Cloudways WooCommerce Cloud Hosting Platform comes with built-in Varnish cache. This boosts up the ability of your website to handle concurrent users. Plus, you get a speedier website where page load times are slashed by 100% as Varnish cache is setup in its full potential from Apache, Nginx, and Memcached.

The best part is everything comes already configured on cloud servers. All you need to do is just launch a server and start building your WooCommerce store.

The only WooCommerce Hosting Platform that leverages Varnish cache to the max. This is further combined with Memcached, Apache, and Nginx to make our VMAN optimization formula. No wonder WooCommerce websites on Cloudways are 100% faster.

Security is top priority when you are hosting ecommerce websites. This is why all cloud servers on WooCommerce Hosting Platform are dedicated ones. Not only that, but our experts keep them in top shape by regularly patching the OS and firmware.