Building an Online Course with WooCommerce
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Building an Online Course with WooCommerce

You too can Build an Online Course

I was going to sell this course. But then I published a post yesterday that said we should share everything we know. So today I decided I would share with you the exact steps you need to build an online course all on your own.

I walk you thru every step, in these next four videos.

And if you follow the steps, you’ll quickly discover that all of this is well within your own reach.

Now, as you step into the first video, where I talk about your baseline requirements, you’ll note that some of the plugins I’m talking about are free and others have some cost:

WooCommerce (free) WooCommerce Memberships ($149) The Stripe Extension for WooCommerce (free) WP Courseware ($99) Code Snippets (free) Heartbeat Control (free) WooCommerce Redirect Thank You ($49) AutomateWoo ($99) WP Disable (free) When you add it up – the total cost is under $400. And while that may seem like