Backing up and Restoring Large WordPress Databases
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Backing up and Restoring Large WordPress Databases

In a previous article we saw how to manually back up a WordPress website. In particular, we saw how to backup a database, and how to restore it.

However, when we try to restore a database, a problem can occur, not discussed in the previous article. What about big databases? There’s always a limit in the allowed file uploads, especially when we talk about importing a database dump, and there’s always a risk of exceeding this limit. But there is a way to easily backup and restore large WordPress databases.

In this article, I’ll cover how to restore big database dumps with a useful tool called BigDump. Essentially, BigDump is a PHP script that allows you to import a database dump as big as you want, even if your upload limit is low. Note that BigDump is released under the GNU GPL 2 license.

After restoring a big database dump with BigDump, I’ll show you how to automatically generate these dumps thanks to a WordPress plugin named WP-DBManager, because you don’t have time to waste manually backing up your database every day!