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Array Themes

Since 2009, Array has served the WordPress community as one of the top theme providers dedicated to authentic, eclectic design and easy-to-use WordPress products.

With our first WordPress project, Okay Themes, we were able to experiment with design as a theme provider on a massive scale at ThemeForest. We’re humbled to say we’ve since shared our WordPress theme collection with a great many creative people all over the world! With Array, we’re raising the bar even higher and doubling down on awesome and affordable WordPress themes.

Design is an integral part of our business, from the themes we design and develop, to the support experience here on Array, to the neatly-written code that powers your website. With every project, we set out to make the most honest, well-made product we can for you. We simply don’t take shortcuts.

We apply this unhealthy dedication to quality and detail throughout our WordPress theme collection. Each theme is thoughtfully crafted with simplicity and usability in mind, employing generous white space, vibrant color and crisp, legible typography.