How to Add Live Chat Support in WooCommerce
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How to Add Live Chat Support in WooCommerce

Creating an online WooCommerce store isn’t a difficult task. You just need a good WooCommerce hosting provider and install WooCommerce on it.

Ok so, you’ve created an online store. A visitor visits your store, but he is confused about something. How will he contact to find a better solution to his query? The most traditional way is to fill the contact us form and wait for a response from the store support team. Doesn’t it makes you feel sick to wait for hours or even a day to get a response back?. Adding a live chat support can help you to shorten this process.

Late responses can result in making you lose your potential customers. Whereas, the primary focus of an online store is to convert your visitors into potential clients.

To overcome concerns encircling late responses, one can provide a live chat support on their WooCommerce website.