50+ WordPress Theme Frameworks For Developers & Designers In 2015
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50+ WordPress Theme Frameworks For Developers & Designers In 2015

One of my friends has this line inscribed as his Skype status: ‘If content is the king, then it should dress up properly.’ I am going to modify this statement like this: ‘If you have a WordPress website, then it should be designed properly.’ Why I did this? There is a reason behind it. And those who understand what website design is all about, should understand why I have written this statement.

Before going into further details, we should understand the concept and logic behind a theme framework? In simple words, theme framework can be defined as a code library that facilitates and helps in development of a theme. This is why I often refer theme framework as the building block. If we consider the types of themes, we have a parent theme and a child theme.

Design templates are an important constituent for website development, on which you can develop various themes. These themes work like building blocks for your WordPress website. With the increasing demand of mobile responsive websites, the need for multifaceted and intuitive theme frameworks has also increased.

In this blog, I am going to give you a comprehensive list of WordPress theme frameworks. Some of these frameworks are absolutely free, while for others, you will have to invest some amount of money.

Note: We have tried to compile the biggest list, if any of the theme frameworks are missed, feel free to add them in the comments section.