5 Two-Factor Authentication Plugins For WordPress
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5 Two-Factor Authentication Plugins For WordPress

Securing your website requires several steps, as attackers and malicious users can find their way to your WordPress through a variety of methods. For example, keeping your WordPress installation, as well as themes and plugins updated is one of the most basic steps in security. A good number of websites are compromised due to obsolete or out of date themes and plugins.

Another common method by which your website might be compromised is brute force attacks. By relying on brute force attacks, malicious hackers can gain access to your WordPress admin panel, and eventually, take control of your website.

Using a strong password is definitely the key here. However, many users tend to also rely on two-factor authentication for added security. Basically, two-factor authentication, as the name suggests, lets you log in as a two-step process. First, you authenticate yourself using your username and password. But in addition to that, you also authenticate yourself by means of a secondary medium, such as a text message sent to your phone with a one-time authentication code, or an email link, and so on.