3 Ways to Create a Mobile App with WordPress
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3 Ways to Create a Mobile App with WordPress

SitePoint has previously covered the topic of WordPress-powered mobile apps, however, in this article we take a deeper dive into three of the options available, discussing the pros and cons of each; App Builders, Custom Hybrid Apps and AppPresser (which I’m a co-founder of).

Over 24% of the Internet uses WordPress, and many of those folks want a mobile app.

It makes perfect sense to use content from WordPress in the app, so that when the website is updated, the app is updated. For example, if you are an online magazine, you would want any new articles you publish to be available in the app instantly. If you make any changes to the website, you’d also want those changes to apply to the app without any extra work.

Some app builders use a third party content management system where you create your app content. If you have a WordPress website, why not use WordPress as the CMS?

WordPress users are accustomed to using plugins and themes to customize their website, and these don’t always translate well to a mobile app. This presents some unique challenges when a developer is approached by a client who wants to mimic their WordPress website in a mobile app.