16 Clean WordPress Themes for the Minimalists
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16 Clean WordPress Themes for the Minimalists

Clean design was a huge web design trend in 2016. Closely related to minimalism, the emphasis is on functional design and plenty of space. Less on frills.

With a clean WordPress theme, there are no distractions from the quality of your content and your images. Both need to be top-notch to impress your visitors and work for you as a lead-generation tool.

Here are 17 of the best clean WordPress themes for your next website.

1. The Essence

The Essence is a beautiful and chic theme. While it is designed to be used for a magazine or a blog, it is versatile enough to be put to any use. It especially shines for content-rich sites.

The Essence boasts over 17 layout options, which run the range from simple to complex. You can easily customize your layout too using the Meridian Styler, a powerful front end styler.

Key Features

Unlimited customization options with the Meridian Styler Fully mobile responsive for