13 Ways to Speed Up Cloud-Hosted WordPress Site
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13 Ways to Speed Up Cloud-Hosted WordPress Site

Unlike shared hosting, cloud hosting is a different kind of a product. It works based on a network of servers. This network has multiple machines, and they are often pulled from various data centers in different locations. For websites hosted on the cloud platform, it is essential that they are optimized for best performance.

Increasing your website’s speed is something that you should worry about the most when working on optimizing your site. There are many tools available that you can use to improve the speed of your website.

Increasing the speed for a cloud-hosted website is not much different than the process used for increasing the speed of a website hosted on a shared or a dedicated server. For that reason, you might find some of the tools mentioned below as being similar to what you were doing to your shared website.

Why You Should Care About Your Website Speed?