12 Examples of Divi’s Vertical Navigation
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12 Examples of Divi’s Vertical Navigation

When creating a website, there are a lot of different things to consider. It usually starts off with how you want the overall layout of your website to look and feel. You want it to match with what the content on your website is about in order for it to empower the message you’re trying to send.

One of the factors that play a major role in how your website will influence visitors’ behavior is the primary menu. With Divi, there are tons of possibilities that allow you to style your menu in a beautiful way that matches the rest of your website and helps you guide your visitors through your website.

One of those possibilities is using a vertical navigation instead of the top menu. Although vertical navigation is not that often used, it can deliver stunning results if it’s thought out well and if it matches the rest of your website. Like the top menu, the vertical menu follows visitors